Special Visitor!

Everyone at Saltwater was extremely excited when Chef Manginelli brought into the office his wonderful new puppy, Pippa!

Pippa is such a sweetheart, she is extremely curious, playful and loving. Needless to say we all quickly fell in love with her!

The Manginelli family adopted Pippa a few months ago from the SEAACA’s Shelter in Downey, CA  where she was waiting for a loving home (and boy did she find it!). The Chef specially prepares a dog food delicacy: ground chicken, fresh veggies, little bit of grains and lots of love ? please don?t let your four-legged friend read this,  he or she might get jealous!

It was not an easy task to take a picture of that ball of boundless energy, but we just had to show you the face of the latest addition to the Saltwater Catering family.

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