Chef?s Big Secret

Today Chef Manginelli shared one of his kitchen?s biggest culinary secrets? water!  Yes, you read it right. It?s not some mysterious spice or exotic cooking technique, it?s just the plain and simple H2O. Well, not that simple.

Chef Louis Manginelli is a firm believer in using only fresh, high quality ingredients, and water is no exception.

After being in the food business for over 25 years and thoroughly researching the subject, Chef Manginelli is among the first in the industry to use Alkaline Water in his kitchen. There is a lot of available information about the amazing health benefits of Alkaline Water, so here we will only mention a few advantages of cooking with Alkaline Water.

Aside from its having a truly pleasant taste and an unexpectedly light texture, when used in cooking Alkaline Water has an incredible ability to boost the real and natural taste in food – the vegetables remain much greener, the fish more tender, the meat juicier, and the grains enriched with minerals ? making even the aroma of the dish seem more alluring.

Luckily for the rest of us, Chef Manginelli is extremely dedicated to his passion: creating the most flavorful and exciting culinary experiences for clients of Saltwater Catering.

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